The semi-heart attack

So I awoke bright and early on the 11th of October (8am!!) because our flight to Phuket was departing at 1.20pm. This means that if we worked backwards, we had to be at the airport at about 11.30am. The reason I awoke that early was because we haven’t packed yet! The night before, we were at Mr IB and Miss L’s wedding till late so naturally, we were too zonked out to pack.

Anyway, no biggie. It was a short getaway so in a couple of minutes, I was done. Of course, I had to forget my sunglasses (!). Yes, I forgot my sunglasses to a beach holiday. Very clever, I know.

My mum very kindly drove us to the airport together with Domo (the family dog who insists on coming along to most car rides). I had already done an internet check-in via the Silkair website so happily, we sauntered to the counter that said “Internet check-in” (no queue! Yay!).

After asking for our usual passports and stuff, the lady at the counter asked: May I please have the credit card that you booked the tickets with please?

My heart stopped and my blood ran cold.

Oh no. I forgot to remind the boy to bring the credit card that was used to book the air tickets!!!!!!


Thankfully, she calmly told us that we can rebook the tickets at the same promotional price at the Singapore Airlines counter down the departure hall and they will reimburse us the payment for the first tickets. They even managed to get us the same seats that I pre-booked during the internet check-in.


Side note: We’ve been having very eventful incidents with the air tickets! First this, now this forgot-credit-card incident! Aiyoooo.

Second side note: I was given the seat 11A while the boy was given 11C. Very strange! Who was between us at 11B? Friends on Facebook started to speculate, some even saying that perhaps it was Business Class (making me happy for a bit) but the truth is, 11B was taken up by a Singaporean who was previously a Myanmese. He was very kind though and changed seats with the boy so that he could sit beside me. Yay! The flipside is, he couldn’t stop talking to the boy throughout the flight, even though the boy was giving him one-word answers. Hehe.

So anyway. We trooped to almost the other end of the hallway (very long walk!) and managed to rebook our tickets, thankfully without much fanfare this time. I don’t think my heart can take another shock.

We headed to Sakae Sushi for a quick breakfast (we haven’t eaten anything since we got up!) and the service was TERRIBLE. Don’t get me started. Unless you are starving and all other restaurants are closed, don’t bother with this branch.

To cut a long story short, we managed to board the plane to Phuket without much more drama. Phew again.

Coming up: First day in Phuket!


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