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Back and burnt!

Hello beanies! The boy and I are back from our little getaway to Phuket and yes, I am looking rather crispy now, especially around my shoulders. Urgh.

Loads to blog about but first up: Pictures of the gorgeous TwinPalms Resort in Phuket where we stayed:


I love the simplicity of their logo.


The large lobby with nice high ceiling.


The driveway.


The swimming pool in the middle of the resort.


Obviously quite a “couples” resort – just look at the poolside chairs!


Deck chairs in the pool.


Our room for the stay, #38.


It was located on the second level so we had to ascend steps to get to our room. It was actually better than a ground-level room because everyone could peek if you didn’t draw the curtains!


Long-stemmed roses greeted us when we entered our room. I told them that we were celebrating our wedding (never mind that it’s been 5 months!). We also received a complimentary bottle of champagne, completely chilled in an ice bucket.


The quiet corner of the room.


Chocolates presented in the shape of the Twin Palms logo. How cute!


The king-sized bed with 4 fluffy pillows and a skinny ‘bolster-looking’ pillow that I liked very muchg because I sleep with a bolster at home.


Check out the bathtub filled with rose petals. Ha. We didn’t get a chance to use it though!


The H-U-G-E bathroom with the basins on the right and the wardrobe on the left.


Another view of the room with a peek of the balcony.


Bathroom with separate basins – I LIKE!! Oh and did I mention that they had really wonderful smelling toiletries provided by the Twin Spa? I have never enjoyed hotel toiletries *this* much!


Located at the bedside table was this control panel that allowed us to control pretty much all the electrical stuff in the room. Interestingly, if I left the balcony door ajar, the “Door is OPEN” sign will light up and the aircon will automatically switch to ‘fan mode’.

Hwah. So intelligent lor.



7 thoughts on “Back and burnt!

  1. an2an – You should plan a quick getaway to this resort!

    Mr & Mrs – I booked it directly with the resort. They were having a 3N Stay Promo that costs, in total, about S$600+. Includes 3N accom, return transfers, daily breakfast 🙂

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