Prep me beautiful

I realise that many bride-to-bes sign up for facial packages up to a year before the big day. Thankfully, I am blessed with pretty decent skin and I have been going for a facial every 3 months. I know this is probably not ideal but as I mentioned, my skin is pretty decent except that it tends to be rather dehydrated.

For many many years, I had my facial at Good Earth Day Spa located Forum Galleria.


I cannot even remember how I ended up there but I vaguely remember it was through the recommendation of a friend who said that they use good products (Sothys) and there was a good therapist. Let’s call her EG. Before I knew it, I have been a faithful customer of EG for a good 5 years! Quite scary, isn’t it? No wonder they say that a woman’s relationship with her facial therapist and hair stylist usually lasts longer than many (romantic) relationships combined.

Tee hee hee.

Anyway, what I liked best about EG is her experienced pair of hands and the fact that she does not hard sell. There is nothing I hate worst than to have a therapist constantly running down my skin and telling me how I should buy product A and B and C because it is ‘good for my skin’. And more often than not, these products are really expensive! Ask any girl and they will tell you that for every product that comes in a small shiny bottle, it will usually cost more than $80. How to afford such expensive creams every facial session??

I guess being in the ‘long-standing relationship’ with EG was good because she knew my preference (no hard sell please) which means that she knew when to recommend and when to not say anything and just give me a facial session. She also knew my skin well and knew exactly which products worked and which don’t. We also used to also chat about everything under the sun including men (and how much they are afraid of pain – hehehe), travelling, work, etc. I always enjoyed my facial session and would walk out feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again.

Alas. About a year before our wedding, she dropped the bombshell on me – she was going to leave the company. She didn’t elaborate but I guessed it must have something to do with the management of the place (typical, isn’t it?). I was stunned and horrified, to say the least. “Who was going to do my facials then?!” I wondered.

As I had a package with the spa, I continued to patronise it with other therapists. I soon found a replacement in the form of a lady called N. She wasn’t as skilful as EG but she was good enough. What I missed most was the fact that when EG squeezed the spots from my face, she never left a mark. This meant that I could continue shopping or meet up with friends post-facial without looking like aliens made potholes on my face.

To cut a long story short, N went on maternity leave (thankfully after our wedding) and told me that she’d be back in September. I rang the spa about 10 minutes ago to ask if she’s back and true to what I suspected, the lady said:

“Oh, N is no longer coming back”.

Ha, I was correct. I guess I had a hunch that she was going to leave because during her absence, Good Earth Day Spa changed owner and became Presence Beauty Wellness. Again, I’m suspecting that she left before of the change.


This time round, I am not as traumatised because I kept in touch with EG and she just told me that she’s now with another spa place and they also use the same products. Woohoo! I promised to call her once my package has ended because I’m sure many ladies would agree that once we find someone who “gets” our skin (or hair), we stick to him/her like the plague.



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