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I come across many bride-to-bes asking about Bridal Veil’s basic package which is called ‘Simplicity’ so I thought it’d be easier if I just list down what the package contains so here goes:

You basically get to keep the evening gown and the groom’s suit. Also note that the groom’s suit that is included in the package is the executive suit, i.e. NOT a tuxedo and does NOT come with a waist coat. You can, of course, ‘top up’ if you wish to ‘upgrade’ any of the items on the list.

The boy made an extra white shirt for the day and kept the shirt that was included in the package for the evening. He also made a black shirt to change into when I wore the evening gown at his usual tailor. All in, he had a total of 3 shirts – 2 white and 1 black.


Sorry, I had to black out the boy’s face because he’s shy. This is one of my favourite photos from the photoshoot.

You can’t really tell but the boy is wearing a waist coat under the jacket. We had to pay extra for it but I can’t quite remember how much it cost now. Probably about $200-ish? It’s money well-spent though because it cuts a slimmer silouhette. Tee hee hee.

Oh and don’t forget that you have to get your own earrings because although most of the jewellery is provided, no earrings are provided for hygiene reasons. This explains why we went on a earrings search! In the end, I only wore this pair throughout because in the haste of the day, I forgot to change into these for the kwa. I didn’t even wear the intended earrings with the evening gown!

Well, to be honest, no one really notices your earrings unless they are REALLY bling or looks like a Christmas tree. Or both.

We took up the Simplicity package with photography which cost about S$5K. We chose to do our pre-wedding shoot with Utopia who did an excellent job. Our package also included additional studio make-up as well as a bouquet of flowers for the photoshoot.


4 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. ene, you are so cute…. you blackout your boy’s face… When i was loading your website, i thought the photo couldn’t load fully, hence the black square. haha! After reading your post, then i realised that its done on purpose. Haha!

  2. ashley – LOL! That’s funny. Thankfully, I had the line to inform readers that it was done on purpose huh? Otherwise, you may end up refreshing your computer many times and wondering if something is wrong! 😀

  3. Hi miss ene

    I chance upon your blog after reading your feedback on bridal viel. thanks for sharing your experiences!

    i am very keen to take up the package with bridal veil (: wanna check if the photography by utopia include the actual day photography?

    you must have looked so lovely in the wedding and evening gowns. wish you can share your pictures with us.

    take care and blessed weekend!


  4. Dear ene,

    Thank you for posting the picture of the suit! I’m considering going with BV but I’m not sure how much it will cost eventually due to top ups. Could I check with you if you had to top up for your husband’s suit? And how much? Could you email me privately and could I possibly take a look at your gowns too?

    Thanks! 🙂

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