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The Wedding

No, I’m not talking about our wedding. That’s like, long over lah.

I’m talking about THE wedding of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. I mean, can you NOT know that they are getting married? That jewellery advertisement pops up at every advertisement break during prime time, the trailers for their wedding (BEAMED LIVE!!!) is almost as hard as trying to avoid the ERPs during rush hour in town.

So yes, unless you have been on Mars or under a (very large) rock, it is indeed very hard to avoid THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR (say this in a very loud and booming voice please). I mean, they even have an entire website dedicated to THE WEDDING!

Last night, I was nursing a bad tummy so was sprawled across the sofa watching whatever’s on tv. Soon after, at 8pm sharp, the live coverage of THE WEDDING came on. I have to say that I watched the on-goings with a mixture of amazement and incredibility.

I know weddings are usually big and joyous occassions but a live broadcast, along with an official website? What made me blink twice was how tv viewers could even send in their congratulatory messages via sms! And who is the sms provider?

Mediacorp (but of course).

I’d like to state for the record that I think Chris and Fann make a gorgeous-looking couple (Singapore’s very own Brangelina!) and although I’m no big fan of them, I am not a detractor either.

However, watching their wedding proceedings last night got me a little disconcerted. It was all about THE BLING! THE DRESS! THE SUITS! THE ANGBAO! THE VENUE DECOR! THE WEDDING SHOOT AT MALDIVES! THE DIAMONDS! THE CARATS! THE SPONSORS!

I guess I found it hard to see the “heart” that was at the wedding. Yes, the happy couple expressed their happiness at being married to each other and Chris was kissing Fann ever so often during the one-hour screening but call me cynical or skeptical but I just felt that the wedding was… big very successful television production.

I will never know the truth and perhaps, they are indeed a very “normal” couple who are totally in love with each other. Perhaps they had to broadcast the entire wedding (and milk it to death) because they are, afterall, a very very public couple.

Perhaps it wasn’t even their idea!

I guess one will never know.

Oh and I have one more thing to say:

Am I the only one who does NOT think that the $300,000 Bally wedding dress is nice? To be honest, I think it’s really – gulp – ugly! I mean, it was OTT and dramatic but NOT in a good way.

What’s that…thing on her head? To show off the gems, I guess? I have to say I quite like Chris’ suit though.

The happy couple with their ‘Ah Bu’ who sponsored the Maldives photoshoot, the additional gems on the Bally gown, etc etc etc.

I did like her Vera Wang gown though. Heh.

Vera Wang gown + Zegna suit = very nice.



2 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. hi.. came across your blog when on the singapore brides forum. lurker there though, cause not getting married yet. hahahha

    anyway, abt the wedding, yeap, i think they are a normal couple but unfortunately had to go through such a “public” affair. and the dress i think the head scarf if it was translucent and just bordered with the opaque fabric and gems on it, it would be much nicer. or if she had just left the head scarf (if that’s what it’s supposed to be called) as a shawl like she did during cake cutting.

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