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Mr IB and Miss L’s wedding preparations

Preparing for a wedding takes alot of effort and time.


Ask anyone who has prepared for one and I am sure they will agree wholeheartedly. More often than not, it is a precarious time of balancing emotions, everyone’s expectations (you will discover that relatives who never existed suddenly becoming the parents’ best friend and has an opinion on EVERYTHING) and most importantly, keeping within the set budget. And we all know not bursting the set wedding budget is a skill known only to few.

Last evening, the boy was ‘summoned’ to the home of one of his oldest pals, Mr IB. Mr IB is getting married come 10.10.09 to Miss L and last night’s meeting was one between the wedding couple and the band of brothers, aka 兄弟团.

The boy studying the detailed wedding day program.

Side note: The very comprehensive wedding day program was developed by Miss E who was our awesome wedding planner. I was fretting over the wedding day program and couldn’t bring myself to get the details down and she swoops in to save the day by giving me the wonderful template where all I needed to do was to fill in the blanks.

I passed the template to Miss L who edited it to fit her proceedings. We should start charging for the service. Heh.

Check out the wedding day program booklet. Very comprehensive eh? And it comes in a nice booklet style in a compact handy size.



The couple also took the opportunity to hand us our wedding invitation cards and I hit upon the idea of blogging about all the wedding invites we receive since we receive quite a few in a year anyway! Here’s their wedding card:

They created the “shuang xi’ character on their own and pasted the pink paper behind. Very pretty eh? I cannot imagine the amount of work that went into all the invitations though. Phew.

The card opens up into 2 panels.

Looking forward to the big day!


8 thoughts on “Mr IB and Miss L’s wedding preparations

  1. fireflower – I believe the cards were included in the wedding package from the hotel. The wedding couple only “printed” the “shuang xi” part of the card.

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