around the neighbourhood


On each level of our apartment is a rubbish chute at the common lift area. There is also another small bin near the lift on the ground level. A few steps away just outside the main gate are at least 3-5 large green rubbish bins. The type that has a top-lid? Yes, those. What we do is, if we have a larger-than-usual bag of rubbish that cannot fit down the rubbish chute, we’d take it out and deposit it into one of the green bins. It’s only common sense, no?

Apparently not to some of the residents here.

On numerous occassions, I have noticed large bags of rubbish placed at the small bin by the lift on the ground level. One case in point:


How inconsiderate is that?! It’s such typical behaviour. The whole ‘as long as it’s not in my compound, it’s no longer my problem’ concept.

And that REALLY pisses me off.

On occassions, we have also spotted orange skin littered along the carpark area leading to the lift. I mean, hello?! No one’s stopping you from eating your fruits but could you be slightly more considerate and dispose of the unwanted bits in the correct areas?

RAH! *spews fire*


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