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The wedding of the BGF + Mr Nacho

Last Sunday, the 16th of August 2009, the BGF wed Mr Nacho. I did mention previously that I’d explain how the nickname Mr Nacho came about so here goes.

Well, the simple reason is, he lurrrves the movie ‘Nacho Libre’ and has probably watched it about 3,425 times. He knows every bit of the dialogue and every bit of the action. In fact, he knows it so well, he’d even laugh at the same jokes before it comes on. How’s that for a big fan? 😀


In fact, he so inspired the boy that at one stage, the boy kept mimicking one of the scenes in the movie, much to my amusement and horror. Tsk tsk.

So yes, that’s how the BGF’s boy came to be known as Mr Nacho. Well, he also looks a wee bit like Nacho Libre, just without the skin-tight pants and red cape…

The day started pretty early for us – the boy was going to be the designated wedding car driver while I was going to be one of the jie meis. To show how seriously he took his role, the boy wore a white shirt and a black tie. He was just missing the black hat to complete the driver look 😀

The wedding car with the traditional 花球. Very cute eh?

When I arrived at the BGF’s home, she was already getting her hair and make-up done.

Soon after, the boy rang me to say that the groom and his entourage were on their way. Woohoo! The interesting bit was, there was no gate-crashing for this wedding. Yes sirree. The groom and his entourage was welcomed with open arms from the bride’s family. But the jie meis still received an angbao. Heh.


After a round of photo taking, it was time to head off to the groom’s home. Another round of tea-ceremony and photo taking ensured. At one stage, the bride requested for all her jie meis to take a pic with the couple. And there were about 21 jie meis in the picture. TWENTY ONE! That’s because the bride has LOADS of cousins lah. We also got one of Mr Nacho’s nephews to roll about on the new bed. Well, he jumped and somersaulted more than rolled but I guess that’s just as good.


The last stop for the day was back to the bride’s home. The usual photo-taking and tea ceremony except that the bride’s clumsy younger brother managed to break one of the tea ceremony cups. Heh. Then again, the entire house was covered with relatives, friends,  etc etc so it was mayhem throughout.

Good fun though!

We headed off to run some errands before checking into the Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport. The BGF + Mr Nacho has very kindly booked us a room to get ready and spend the night.


We had a wonderful room with a wonderful view of the runway!

Chocolates for each room. Nice touch!

The comfy bed. Except that where we put our heads were also where the aircon was blowing directly! We had to sleep sideways, i.e. our heads were at the side of the bed. Ha.

Ok, the bathroom was HUGE! Cute bathtub with a glass view of the tv. While on the potty, you won’t miss your favourite programme too. Heh.

The view from our room. Very cool to watch planes landing. Am sure little boys will lurve this room!

I spent quite a few minutes watching the planes land. Very cool! Oh and don’t worry about noise because the rooms were sound-proof. It was evident in the sheer weight of the door. So heavy lah!

The cute bathtub!

The walkway from the door with the wardrobe. Odd thing was, they only had one pair of bedroom slippers and one bathrobe. Strange.

The ballroom was pretty interesting, a nice change from the usual ballrooms. I like the ‘jungle’ effect on the walls and the ‘foliage’ on the ceiling.


The stage area. That’s a traditional Jewish “cover” (forgot the proper name) used for weddings. It’s made by the groom’s father!

The wedding favour, a luggage tag in a heart shape. Very apt, considering it’s an airport hotel!

It was a nice, simple and heartwarming wedding. And the boy and I were very very glad to have been part of it! 🙂



5 thoughts on “The wedding of the BGF + Mr Nacho

  1. Hi,

    I was googling for wedding car flowers when i came across your blog. I was looking for the traditional 花球 would you let me know whom did it for Mr Nacho? Its very cool.

    Hear from you soon.


  2. Hi Kenny,

    The 花球 is from a textile shop at Chinatown market (the one near Chinatown OG) located on the 2nd floor. It’s called Guan Lee and is located near the bridge to the carpark. There is apparently a sample of the 花球 hanging at the corner at the front of the shop and you can choose to make different sizes. Good luck!

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