Guo Da Li

Today was the day for “Guo Da Li” (过大礼). This important gesture usually takes place about 2 weeks before the actual wedding day.

So bright and early this morning, the boy, together with his mum’s sister (acting as the ‘matchmaker’) turned up at my family home bearing traditional gifts.

Ok, I have to admit that I was lazy tired so I slept in and did not partake in the ‘festivities’. Then again, I didn’t exactly need to be present mah…

Customary gift 1
Red, red and more red! I thought the paper bags are pretty cute though. Heh.

Ang Pows1
Various red packets and one containing the dowry.

Contents inside 1
I love the pretty containers! I was informed that they contain tea leaves. The rest of the little red bags contain various nuts. Or sweets. Something like that.

Contents inside 2
These are rice crackers. I think.

And possibly the most importantof all (other than the dowry), the roasted pig.

Wealth 2
It was a very very huge pig!

“Oink. Check out the pretty flower on my head!”

Lucky No 7293
The roasted pig also came with its own serial number – 7293. Yes, almost everyone in my family placed their bets on 4D. Naturally.

Tradition states that the bride family needs to chop up the pig, keep the centre bit and return the rest (head and tail) to the groom’s family.

My dad with the sharp cleaver.

My grandma decided to help out and finally, the tail end was done.

Now for the head…

Ta-dah! Done!  Poor piggy is now missing his middle torso.

Part of the gifts were these traditional cakes. I’ve never seen such traditional ones!



In case you’re looking for traditional biscuits, you can check out this place:

Thye Lee Confectionery
Blk 108 #01-1283
Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530108
Tel: 6288 9514


5 thoughts on “Guo Da Li

  1. Hi Audrey,

    Sure! Here it is:

    Yin Yin Fashion
    1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-16
    Singapore 082001
    Tel: is 6221-7320

    Just remember to call to make an appointment before you head down!

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