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Wedding rings. Check.

Last Saturday, after picking up the photo cd from Utopia, we also headed to Golden Landmark to pick up our wedding rings. Yes, Golden Landmark. I have never stepped into the building until a couple of months ago when we headed there to the BGF’s sister’s husband’s family jewellery shop. It’s a little nondescript shop on the 3rd level.

We have actually done a bit of shopping at the usual suspects (Poh Heng, Goldheart, Lee Hwa, Soo Kee, Love & Co, even Tiffany & Co and Cartier!) but most of the designs have too much details on them (rose gold! big diamond! small diamond! white and gold mix! three rings together!) or waaaaay too expensive (i.e. T&C and Cartier).

That’s how we ended up at Ban Hin Goldsmith and Diamond Merchant at Golden Landmark.

We met the very friendly 老板娘 Ivy whom I decided to address as Aunty Ivy since she’s the BGF’s sister’s MIL. I showed her the design that I wanted (a half eternity ring) and the boy also described what he liked (plain white gold band, no diamonds). Aunty Ivy then provided us with an estimated quotation (based on current gold prices that’s on the rise!) and a couple of weeks later, we headed back to the shop to try the rings for size.

The boy’s ring needed to be expanded by half a size but mine fitted nicely. At this stage, the diamonds weren’t fitted on yet.

Last week, I received an sms from Aunty Ivy advising that our rings were ready. Woots! She took them out of the box and I smiled. They were just what we wanted.

My ring. Has 8 diamonds on it. “8 for good luck and prosperity”, says Aunty Ivy. LOL.

I am not very good at telling a good diamond from a bad diamond (they all look the same to me!) but based on similar designs that I saw at the usual jewellery shops, these were definitely bigger and erm, brighter.

I think.

The boy’s ring. Plain and simple, just the way he likes it.

So in case anyone’s looking to custom-make their rings and is not too fussed about the brand, you can check them out.

Ban Hin Goldsmith & Diamond Merchant
390 Victoria St #03-45
Golden Landmark
Singapore 188061
Tel: 6296 9716


4 thoughts on “Wedding rings. Check.

  1. Hey! What a coincidence. Paul bought my engagement ring from Ban Hin as well! My mum’s a regular there since I dunno when. Yes, they have a much better deal than the jewellery chain stores.

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