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Mom’s Day Out

After the last session, it was time to head back to Mrs Y’s shop for the 1st fitting. The appointment was moved back to a week later (to yesterday) because they weren’t ready by end March. No biggie, we still have time.

My mum was a little held up so the boy’s mum went ahead to try on her dress first. She had a 2-piece dress suit made. Remember these 2 pieces of cloth that we bought for her dress?

It became this!


Absolutely lovely, isn’t it? I think it suits her really well! Check out the slit at the sides of the skirt:


The back view:


Best of all, I think the boy’s mum loves it very much too. She sounded like an excited kid in a candy shop and couldn’t stop talking about how pretty it is. Heh.

Chatting with Mrs Y as she fixes on the chinese buttons’ positions on the jacket.

Soon after, my mum and sister arrived. This was mum’s cloth for the cheongsam:

And this is how it turned out!


Mum looks GORGEOUS in a cheongsam! That ‘thumbs-up’ you see at the top of the photo belongs to the sister. Ha. It was my first time seeing my mum wear a cheongsam. Yes, FIRST TIME. She’s always had this strange idea that a cheongsam will make her look old (a big taboo word for my mum!) but the sister and I convinced her that a properly-made cheongsam will make her look very pretty.

I think she’s convinced now πŸ™‚


She had to get the armholes slightly loosened though because they’re a tad too tight now.

Getting the skirt taken in slightly.

At the same time, mum also passed Mrs Y the material that grandma selected for her keyaba. She’s going to wear a kebaya, ala “Xiao Niang Re”. Hehe.


A pretty shade of purple for the blouse with matching skirt. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

We left the shop in high spirits with both mums happy with their dresses. Woohoo! Next, it was time to find matching shoes and handbag for the boy’s mum. We headed to Bugis where we found a pair of 3.5″ gold shoes at a bargain.


I think it’s perfect. She just needs a matching gold purse and she’s set.

Post-script: I’ve received a couple of messages asking for the contact of Mrs Y so here it is:

Yin Yin Fashion
1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-16
Singapore 082001
Tel: is 6221-7320

Please call and make an appointment before you head down because she’s usually really busy! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Mom’s Day Out

  1. Thanks for sharing! The mums were very happy indeed. Would you mind telling me a rough cost for each tailored outfit and the materials?


  2. Hi there! I have become a BV bride because of your website recommendation πŸ˜€ now am sourcing for a place to get dresses for my mom and my fiance’s mom. How much does it cost to have those 2 dresses done? Thanks!

  3. Hi fireflower,

    Thanks for dropping a note! I’m sure you’d love your experience with BV as well as your gorgeous gown πŸ™‚ I can’t really remember how much we paid in total for the mum’s dresses now. Sorry! You can give Yin Ying Fashion a call to enquire? πŸ™‚

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