The Wedding Shop

Last Tuesday, after the 2nd fitting at BV, Mum and I decided to head to Chinatown to check out ‘The Wedding Shop’ (TWS). We needed to get a couple of traditional stuff for the wedding and since both of us are clueless, we thought we had better check out one of these specialised shops who are in the know.

The Wedding Shop is located on the second level of the market beside OG Chinatown. You know the market that sells cheap toiletries as well as cloth? That’s the one.

They actually occupy 2 units, facing one another.

I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the sheer number of red items in the shop as well as the number of things that I have never even heard of.

I knew some of the more common traditions but some were just obscure. I shall just let the pictures do the talking.

Traditional set-up for a wedding. Check out the number of things required! Boggles my eyes….

“Shuang Xi” in different designs. These were made of felt and looked quite pretty. Not cheap though. If I don’t remember wrongly, they were going for $18 each. Gulp.

A whole range of tea-pot and tea-cup sets for use during the must-have tea-ceremony. They ranged from the super traditional to the modern.

Oh I also learnt that apparently, the tea-cups that have a handle (“ears”) are used because it is supposed to make the new bride more obedient. LOL! Hilarious.

Go on, guess which design I bought? 🙂

Red, red and more red!

Different types of bedside wedding lamps to choose from, ranging from battery-operated ones that last one night and one day (according to the 2 very friendly and helpful lady staff) to modern ones that work by electricity.

Did you know that you are not to turn off the lamp until 3 days later (for the electric ones) or until the battery runs out? Oh and they sell the really traditional ones that run on oil as well. So cool. In my excitement, I forgot to snap a picture of them. Darn.

How many “shuang xi” does one need for a wedding? As you can clearly tell, red and gold are very favoured colours during a chinese wedding.

This display is apparently for the bride’s family to ‘return’ to the groom’s family during the ‘guo da li’ (betrothal). The black stick-looking thingy in the middle is charcoal. I cannot remember what they mean but I’m sure it has something to do with good luck or something.

Did you know that the bride and groom need to go through a hair-combing ceremony right at the start of the day? They each have to be dressed in brand new pyjamas and the parents will comb their hair while reciting 3 lines in Chinese. I cannot remember what they are now but thankfully, the 3 lines are printed together with the comb we bought. I also bought the new pyjamas required – in light pink, nonetheless 🙂 Oh and apparently, the trousers of the pyjamas needs to be long. No shorts, culottes, etc. I’m sure there’s some strange reason behind it but no one was able to explain why. Shrugs.

We picked up all the essentials (and a bit more) and the bill came up to…..*drum roll*……$240. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS!!! Aiyoh, so expensive lah. And we still haven’t bought the essential red wedding bedsheets. Note to self: Time to check out Aussino.

But we did have a very good experience at the shop. The 2 lady assistants really did know their stuff and were very helpful and friendly. They got on very well with my mum. Ha.

Go check them out if you are preparing for a wedding and is just as clueless as us 😀

Side note: I found this useful website on chinese wedding traditions. Loads of information on it and it makes for interesting reading…

Fu Yuan The Wedding Shop
32 New Market Road Food Centre #02-1098 S(050032)
(Beside Chinatown OG shopping center)
Tel: (65) 9620 8406


2 thoughts on “The Wedding Shop

  1. hey ya!

    Wah! U so systematic one ah! Congrats and thanks for sharing this shop – didnt even know such a thing existed in Spore! An eye opener for me!

    Michele (the tall one fr STB!)

  2. Hey Mich! Thanks for leaving a note. I also found the traditions very interesting. Definitely not something you’d find out if you’re NOT getting married 😉

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