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The 1st appointment

On the morning of 10th December, I made my way by MRT to Bridal Veil. It was going to be my very first appointment to try on the gowns for Michelle to see what works/what doesn’t as well as for my 1st trial make-up and hair. I received instructions by Colin that I had to turn up with clean hair, a clean face and to wear a button-front blouse.  It was rather strange to walk about in town without make-up. Hehe.

I arrived promptly at 11.30am and was met by Cedric. After a quick chat, he started his magic on my face. A quick dab here, a few pats of the powder, some blusher, two fake eyelashes and I was done.

He then worked on my hair. As I had no prior idea of how I want my hair to look like, I just told him that I didn’t want anything OTT.   Using only a comb and some hairspray, he pinned back some bits of my hair at the left, tied the remaining hair into a side ponytail and then proceeded to pluck off some fresh lilies at the shop to place in my hair. There’s just something really pretty about fresh flowers in the hair…

The last step involved putting on the veil. Cedric also shared that there are many types of veils and the one he used was a waist-length one. Apparently, the shorter the veil, the taller you will look. Ahhhh.

And ta-dah! I was ready.

That’s Cedric’s head sticking out by my left ear. Tee hee hee.

I really like the make-up as it was natural and I still looked like me. That is really important to me. I have seen many brides look completely different on their wedding day and that scares me.

Cedric also told me to collect pictures of possible hairstyles that I like so that he can style it for me for the pre-wedding shoot in March (that’s been confirmed!). The one he tried on me is a very simple one but I actually do like it too! He also asks that I grow out my fringe so that he can tuck it behind my ears when it’s long enough.

After all that, it was time to try on the gowns. Michelle then magically appeared and said a loud cheery “Hi!”. I tried on a total of 7 gowns which is meant to give Michelle an idea of what works and what doesn’t work on my body shape. I tried on a whole range of styles, from a poufy duchess-satin gown with a really long train to a ballerina-style gown which Michelle thought looked cute on me but I told her that it wasn’t quite my style. Something like this:

I think my friends will roll over and laugh on our wedding day if they see me in such a gown. I’m no sweetie-pie lor. 😀

Oh oh and one of the gowns was a halter-neck with a plunging neckline that reached till the top of my rib cage. It was my first time wearing something that revealing and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. However, after some quick adjustments by the very friendly and helpful dresser assistant Clare, it actually looked quite nice on me. Michelle also commented that I looked good in it. But honestly, I wouldn’t like something that revealing for a day gown.

Speaking of Clare, she was one of three (THREE!) girls who helped me get dressed. One would bring the gown in, Clare would help me zip up and adjust the gown to fit me (they were made for models the height of giraffes) and another girl would magically clear out the last gown that I change out of. Indeed, I truly felt like a true princess with ladies-in-waiting at my beck and call, albeit for one short afternoon. Hee.

In the meantime, the boy was sitting very patiently on the comfy couch, watching me walk in and out with each gown and giving the odd comment. We do share pretty similar taste so I am pretty sure that whatever I choose, he’d agree with me. In fact, when he saw me in the ballerina-cut gown, he said wryly: You look good in this but I don’t think you’d choose this design lor.

Spot on indeed.

Throughout the session, Michelle would give her comments on what looks good and what doesn’t. In the beginning, I was honestly a tad intimidated by her but as we went along, I became more comfortable and told her which style I liked. We also agree that the empire cut with a sweetheart neckline looks pretty good on me. I also learnt that I actually looked quite nice in pure white gowns. I have always thought that off-white gowns look better on Asian skin and when I shared this with Michelle, she exclaimed: DON’T BELIEVE ALL THAT! Colour and skin tone is very personal. You have to put it on to see if you can carry off the look or not.

O-kay *whispers*

Finally, at about 10 minutes to 2pm, we were finally done. I also realised that I was starving. Perhaps that’s why the gowns fitted nicely as I had a flat tummy pre-lunch. Cedric also informed us of some important dates to take note of:

23rd December, Tues- 1st proposal
This is where I get to see what Michelle has designed for me based on this 1st appointment. It’d be a quick meeting and I can also take the designs home to discuss with the boy. YEAY! I can muse over them through Christmas and the New Year.

17th March, Tues – Pre-wedding photoshoot
This is the day we take our pre-wedding photos with Travis from Utopia. Cedric also shared that Travis will contact us for a meet-up before the session to discuss on locations, style of photos, etc.

8th May, Fri – Final fitting
In the evening, we need to bring our wedding shoes along to the shop for our final fitting for our gown and suit. This is exactly 2 weeks before our wedding day and is to allow enough time for any adjustments to be made before the big day.


BV is not the cheapest on the market but I believe in getting what you pay for. They have been nothing but excellent so far. They follow-up on our appointments, call/sms me to remind me of what I need to do/bring before an appointment, is always polite and friendly whenever I call, etc etc etc. I am sure many brides-to-be have read of horror stories on wedding forums of couples having to call their bridal studios repeatedly to chase for answers or worst, calls go unanswered, leading to additional unnecessary stress. One unforunate couple had the horrible experience of the bridal studio losing the bride’s selected gown ONE WEEK before the wedding day.



Anyway, my point is, it was the first time the boy has spent that much time with me at BV. It was also his first time experiencing the service standards of BV’s staff.

That same evening, we were chatting idly about the afternoon’s activites when he said that he is not too worried about his suit. Instead, he is more worried about my gown. (Awww…). I answered that I have full faith that I will have a pretty gown that I will love. He smiled and added:

Yes, they (BV) are really friendly and service-oriented. I guess we are in good hands then.

My heart danced a little because despite everything, I am glad that I made the correct decision.


8 thoughts on “The 1st appointment

  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience at BV. Danggggg, hope they call me for the 1st appt soon…… it all sound so exciting and fun!

  2. Hey just checking back, so what color have you chosen for your gown? I was told I can take pure white and off-white/ivory. In a dilemma as I prefer off-white/ivory but my HTB prefer me in pure white.

  3. I also wanted pure white, then i tried another colours like cream colour and I feel that the gowns are nice and it look nice on me, most impt thing.

    BTw, While reading ur blog, I feel that I have not done many research… like wedding bands, blah blah


  4. Hi Miss Ene,

    Having read your wonderful experience, really get me excited too! Wish my first appointment was here! =)

  5. Hey serene! I just left a comment on your blog about “those” bridal shops. Go have a read. We decided to spend more on our bridal attire and saved on other areas, i.e. day photography. I guess with a limited budget, you’d have to win some and lose some 🙂

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