Our very first Christmas tree!

As with most new home owners near Christmas, we went out and bought ourselves a live Christmas tree from Ikea. With the severe lack of space around our abode, we bought the smallest tree standing at 1.6m. In fact, I think we may well have just bought the very last 1.6m tall tree from Ikea Tampines, if the salesperson was not lying to us.

So we shoved it into the car, drove home and struggled to get it out of the car. Naturally, the needles of the tree fell all over the car but a quick vacuum cleaned that up in no time. While unpacking the tree, tons of needles fell out again so the broom and the vacuum cleaner were our best friend last evening.

Ikea was selling a whole range of Christmas decorations as well so naturally, we picked up all our (current) decorations from there too.

So ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, our very first, straight-out-of-Ikea-catalogue Christmas fir tree:

Psst. See those pretty presents under the tree? I wrapped up empty boxes from the Christmas decorations so that it looks like we have actual presents. LOL! How sad 😀 And yes, the tree is looking a little sparse right now so we’d probably get more decorations AND the most important big star soon.

If you look carefully, in place of the star sits a hairband with a glittery Santa Claus hat.

Don’t ask.

Oh and the reason for the ‘Happy birthday’ banner is because the boy’s birthday is this Wedneday! I thought it’d match our red-and-silver theme Christmas tree nicely since the banner is red. Tee hee hee.

PS. The smell of the tree is absolutely lovely! I just hope it doesn’t die before Christmas…


Last evening, the boy told me that The Verve is selling loads of Christmas decorations so we made our way there after his birthday dinner. The Verve is what used to be called Tekka Mall (Little India).  On level 5, there are about 4-5 shops selling LOADS and LOADS of christmas trees, decorations, lights, ornaments, etc. You name it, you can probably find it. I felt like I was in christmas wonderland. We bought a couple more ornaments and a string of lights (what’s a Christmas tree without pretty lights?) and promptly went home to further decorate our tree. Our tree finally has a proper star! Woots!

We also have a Christmas wreath stuck  on the glass door leading to the kitchen.

Will post up a picture as soon as I get some time at home in the evenings. This is a busy week!

The little girl and the giant Christmas tree 🙂


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