Actual Day photographer FOUND!

So after months of procastination, I finally made an appointment to meet up with Marcus Lee, the freelance photographer whom I am considering for the wedding. The appointment was fixed for 6pm at the prata shop outside our home so that I can just walk there in 3 minutes.

When I arrived, I noticed a guy sitting alone with his laptop. I was actually feeling quite nervous because it is very strange to be meeting a stranger, no?

I gingerly walked up to him and said: Marcus?
And he said: Miss ene?

So damn strange. It was as if I was on a blind date or something lor.

Anyhow, we shook hands and I sat down.

Marcus looked to be in his late 20s but later, I found out that he’s 34 this year. He has been a freelance photographer for the past 3 years but is going to be doing photography full-time now. These people are very brave, I say. What surprised me even more is the fact that this soft-spoken guy in front of me used to be a prison officer! At Changi Prison, no less. I was truly shocked and even asked : Changi? As in, where all the hardcore prisoners go to? The ones on death row as well?


Looks indeed are deceiving.

He was also trying to guess what I do for a living and the first occupation he guessed was….auditor.


I nearly fell off my chair because friends who know me, know that I am hopeless with numbers. Wahahahahahaha. His second guess was “teacher” which got me slightly panicky because I do not want to look like a teacher! Then again, Miss E said that it’s probably because I was very chatty. Tee hee hee.

Anyhow, he went through the package he is offering and I was pleased to find out that for the same price, he is able to provide us with a coffee table book with layout, etc. That will definitely beat the usual 300-photos-slotted-into-a-typical-album offering. Best bit is, I managed to negotiate for a 40-page book instead of a 20-page one. Woots!

I asked him a couple of questions such as whether he uses a back-up camera in case of malfunctions and was pleased to know he carries 2 cameras (with 5 lens, btw). I have read of horror stories where the photographer’s camera breaks down/runs out of battery and all the couple received was : Sorry ah.


I was also impressed that he arrived before our appointed time. Punctuality is very very important, ok?! Also, he tends to reply to emails and text messages very promptly which adds further brownie points. Lastly, his payment plan is also very reasonable.

Me thinks that we have found our actual day photographer! 🙂

You can view more of Marcus’ work on his website here. I believe some of the photos he took on our actual day can be found there.


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