Miss ene and the boy had a hectic and stressful weekend because on Sunday,

they secured the option to purchase a unit at the secret place I mentioned in the previous entry!

The boy with the agent, signing our life away doing the paperwork.



It is in the Kovan area vincinity but closer to Yio Chu Kang Road. If you know where the prata shop on Yio Chu Kang Road is, we’re right behind it.

We’ve seen a couple of places and as I have mentioned below, my intuition just did not like any of the other places we saw. Perhaps it’s the quiet neighbourhood. Perhaps it’s only a stone’s throw away from Serangoon Gardens (Chomp Chomp! Yums!). Perhaps I just like how the little flat looks.

Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

But we took a leap of faith and placed our 1% deposit with the agent. Signing the ‘Option to Purchase” document, making the boy and I joint owners of the place, felt really significant.

I felt all…grown up. And it was a stressful and scary feeling. I don’t think I’d feel half as stressed if I were to sign the marriage documents!

The view from the master bedroom.

Our little flat is small, only 828 sq feet. Like I told a colleague, if I were to do a big jump, I’d hit the wall at the other side of the room 😀 Everyone around us had their 2 cents worth to contribute, whether or not appreciated – that it’s expensive, that it’s sooooo tiny, that it’s not worth it, that it’s this and that and this and that…

But hey, it is OUR little place. We like it and we chose it. Besides, small is good because we’d be the ones cleaning it?! 😀

This is all really exciting but scary at the same time. No more spur-of-the-moment holidays (Jetstar having S$3 one-way airfare promo). No more random shoe sprees. No more buying a new dress just because.

Ah, such are the realities of growing up 🙂


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