Baby’s Day Out 2015 – My First National Day Party

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for the longest time but hey, it’s still August and we are still celebrating SG50, yes? :P

We headed to the Promontory on the 8th August to be part of the NTUC-organised Baby’s Day Out 2015. It had been raining heavily throughout the day and I was expecting very muddy grounds so I knew that I had to wear mud-friendly footwear (Converse shoes FTW). My gf was wearing slippers (!) and I think she regretted it very much. Hehe.

The organisation was very orderly to manage the huge crowd (which I suspect, would have been bigger if not for the heavy rain earlier in the day) and we found a spot to settle. The organisers were giving out cardboard cartons to lay on the ground and the boy gallently went about setting up “our” area.

It being the National Day weekend, we all went dressed in red and white! Whoop whoop!


There’s a heart in between us because I love my little man so but truth be told, I’m using it to block out this aunty who got into my frame. Pfffft. Not that I don’t love my son but you get my point.

I told you about the muddy grounds, right? This is “our” spot away from the stage because it was as far as I could trudge in the crazy muddy field. I don’t know why but I find this picture pretty endearing.


There was a problem with the sound system so we sat around and waited for our friends to arrive.

See the bouncy castle and slide in the background? We kept E away from it because there were loads of older kids going mental on it and with the muddy grounds, I…just cannot.


My son was waving at aeroplanes. I think.


There were stage performances by little children dancing to K-pop tunes and amongst the bits and bobs inside the goodie bag were these plastic tamborines.


Elliott and Liz had a lovely time boppin’ to the tunes and I have a cute video of them both shaking their little bons bons. Check out Elliott’s intense face of concentration.

“Must. Keep. To. Beat.”IMG_5347-001

These two together are too much cute. Eeeeeks.


We stayed till the NDP preview fireworks came on and by then, the little man was up well beyond his bedtime. Not sure if we’d bother with the next event though. The stalls on site weren’t particularly exciting and the fact that I had to trudge through mud (not the fault of organisers though) just made me stay put.

Date night: Imagine Dragons in concert

A few weeks ago, the boy asked:

Do you want to go with me to Imagine Dragons’ concert?

And I was surprised. Because my husband does not do concerts.  He thinks that they are a waste of money. In his words, he can ‘use one hand to count‘ the number of concerts that he has paid to go to. I use the word “paid” because the last concert he went to was complimentary.


So yes, when the boy-who-does-not-do-concerts ask if you’d like to go to a (rock) concert with him, the girl says YES OF COURSE. We bought the cheapest most affordable tickets and last evening, joined the throngs of people at Singapore Indoor Stadium to rock out at Imagine Dragons’ first concert in Singapore.


After taking this photo, we headed to the booth behind us and spent $90 on 2 (nicely designed) concert t-shirts. Quite untypical behaviour, I say. I cannot remember the last time I spent on concert merchandise (probably never) but hey, this is the boy’s first PAID concert so I guess it will make a nice souvenir. Oh and I have to state for the record that sadly, miss ene is no longer a size S. I had to buy the tee in size M.



I honestly did not expect such a huge crowd. I would say 95% of the seats were filled (as far as my eyes could see) and the mosh pit was about 3/4 filled. Phwah. I had no idea they had such a big fan base.

Also, I was amazed at the mix of audience. There were so many…children! There was a couple with a young boy who was walking to the venue behind us and I whispered to the boy: I wonder who’s the fan.

We overheard their conversation where the father was heard saying to the son (who did not look more than 8 years old) “But you only know about 4 songs, right?” And the son rattled off a few of the songs that he knew.

“Wah. The young boy is the fan! The parents are just…chaperones!”, I exclaimed in a whisper to the boy. “Maybe next time, we have to chaperone Elliott to the next big thing in music. But I think I’d take him to a Jay Chou or Bon Jovi concert first.”, I remarked. I would love to take him to Bon Jovi’s concert and tell him about the time when the song “I’d Be There For You” came on the radio and he did a couple of flips in my belly. I think he may just like rock music.

The concert started at 8.15 pm sharp just as I predicted because I is expert concert-goer. These concerts are quite different from the chinese ones where there are no costume changes – the Imagine Dragon boys looked like they just pulled out anything-black from their wardrobe and put it on. Heck, they didn’t even look like they combed their hair, no fancy dance moves, no back-up singers (just 4 of them on a plain black stage, no nothing. It was just plain live music. I also remarked to the boy that none of the boys are good-looking (pffft) so people are there just for – gasp – talent and good music!



I only know erm, 3 songs but was extremely excited when they covered Alphaville’s “Forever Young“. OMG, A SONG FROM MY GENERATION! I bet you, all the young ones in the audience must have been like, ?!?! This song brought back soooo much memories. And yes, we sang along with gusto, complete with torchlight from our phones (modern technology. I love). Never mind that we were showing our age.


Everyone got very excited when they did their hit song “It’s Time” pretty early on (3rd song on the set). It was just song after song from the get go and when the concert ended at about 10pm, my ears were ringing. I am really getting too old for loud music.

A sign that we are parents? The moment it ended, we jumped out of our seats and squeezed our way out of the venue to get home quickly to our child. Ah, gone are the days where you head off for supper post-concert. But we are not complaining. Not at all.

PS. I did not realise this until I posted this entry but here’s the boy’s take on the same concert. I told you that it’s a big deal, right? FIRST PAID CONCERT WARRANTS A BLOG ENTRY. :) Such an apt and witty blog title somemore.

miss ene eats: Butahage at Liang Court

I am a huge pork fan.I love my char siew rice, my bak chor mee, pork cutlet and anything with pork in it. When we were in Hokkaido, we had a bowl of super awesome bowl of butadon (grilled pork rice bowl).

We even brought home a bottle of sauce to try and recreate the experience at home.

Till today, I have no idea what is the name of the store because it did not have an English name. But I have 2 pictures from it!



This was way back in 2010 and the boy and I still fondly talk about ‘that bowl of grilled pork from Hokkaido’. There’s just something about eating a steaming hot bowl of food in cold weather because honestly, everything just tastes better. Plus the fact that you are HOLIDAY.

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this little restaurant on the second floor of Liang Court called Butahage.


They got me at “grilled pork“. My eyes glazed over. I had to try it. It looked just like that bowl of goodness I had in Hokkaido!

The boy ordered the standard bowl while I had the premium bowl with (supposedly) better cut of meat. My premium bowl costs a whopping $22+ (I think – can’t remember now) while the standard bowl is about $13+. Gotta check out the pricing again to blog properly. Oops.


As it turns out, the premium cut of meat is more ‘fatty’ so it was softer on the bite. The boy ate from his bowl and told me matter-of-factly that “You won’t like it. This one very lean and quite hard to chew“. Hehe, my husband knows me very well.

This is my premium bowl of grilled pork goodness.


We also ordered a side of Hokkaido Crab Cream Croqutte which came recommended by the uncle server. It was creamy and pretty yummy but it’s something you’d have to share because I think it’d be a bit much (jelak) to eat it all on your own. But that’s just me.

It had a charcoal barbecue taste which was nice but I just found eating pork slices and rice really erm, porky after a while. It’s like a bit too much pork/meat.

Ok, sorry, that’s not saying a lot. Would I go back? Maybe. I did feel like I needed to go stuff my face with salad after the meal though because there was just so. much. meat. Burp. A once in a blue moon kinda meal but worth checking out if you haven’t been.

Liang Court #02-32/33
177 River Valley Road

Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.00 pm daily (the website says that “they may close 3-6pm without any notification” so best to go around lunch or dinner time).

Masak masak at the National Museum of Singapore

On the day after National Day, we decided to check out Masak Masak at the National Museum. It was the last day of the exhibition and even though I read on social media that it was pretty boring and meant for younger kids, I thought that perhaps Elliott would like it since he’s quite young.

Image source


I love this picture because if you look carefuly, check out my son’s face:


I know the sun was in his face but his expression cracks me up. Hur hur.


Elliott was fascinated with this colourful fixture above us when we first entered the museum so we took a family wefie.

It was pretty crowded but not unbearable. His favourite area were the flowers where he repeatedly went “frowers“. There were also these giant “erasers” with country flags printed on them. I made him pose with the Singapore flag version. Hehe.


We headed upstairs to the “main” area and phwah, it was packed with screaming kids and weary parents. Most of the stations were crowded with older kids so we tinkered around for a bit at the giant wall jigsaw puzzle bit before beating a hasty retreat.

Ok, I have a confession here and wonder if other parents/mothers feel the same way. Am I the only one who feels a little nervous when there are loads of kids around and everyone’s touching stuff, i.e. the displays, etc? All I’m thinking is: GERMS! GERMS! OH NO! I HOPE E DOESN’T FALL SICK AFTER THIS VISIT!

I wasn’t always like that and I am not a germaphobe. At least I wasn’t until Elliott came along! It’s just that he tend to fall ill almost immediately after contact with other children and it makes me, to quote a local term, very sian.

Anyway, we barely spent half hour at Masak Masak. As it turns out, all the online reviews that I read about it were true, i.e. that it was boring and uninspiring.

We walked over to the National Library where there was a “Past Forward” exhibition held at the foyer. This exhibition has 3 parts to it:

  • The Little Red Brick
  • 3D Printing Singapura Stories
  • The Singapore March (don’t remember much of this!)

Seeing some of the exhibits made me reminisce about my childhood, like this display:




I took very few pictures because I had a child that kept running away in the opposite direction (open space! woohoo! wheeee!) so we had a hard time trying to enjoy the exhibits and keep an eye on him at the same time.


You can’t tell from the picture above but the boy and I were snapping a million pictures and telling to STAY STILL so that I can get ONE decent photo. This is the most decent one we got before he scooted off (yet) again.