Heading out with baby

I have been meaning to put in a new blog entry, I really have. The only time I have to do so is when Elliott is asleep. I then think about blogging but am also tempted to nap. I then glance at my laptop and decide that it’s too much effort to move across the room to power it up. Sometimes I do make it across the room but when I get to the WordPress site, I’ve lost interest in writing. Is this what sleep deprivation does to one’s ability to function? Probably so. Little wonder that sleep deprivation is a form of torture some time ago in history.

The next question is then: What should I blog about? Obviously, my life revolves around caring for Elliott. It is very true that your life changes (A LOT) once you birth a child. We no longer can simply head out for a movie or dinner date just because we feel like it. Logistics have to be planned ahead so that either someone is caring for Elliott at home (i.e. my mum) or we take him along. I have to add that having a baby carrier helps tremendously! It frees up my hands and I have even mastered the art of eating with him strapped onto me. I have not dripped sauce on his head just yet. YET. See pictorial example below of me tucking into a gyoza. The plate is essential to ensure that no random piece of food falls onto child’s head. And yes, I didn’t bother with make-up and my eyebags are HUGE. Boo.


I now also order food that is “easy to eat”, i.e. does not come with sauce, contain hot soup, needs to be eaten with fingers, etc. This ensure that food gets into my tummy FAST and EASILY without too much effort because you never know when child will wake and demands IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

I am not confident of taking him out on my own yet so for our first visit out without the husband, I was with my mum and we headed to nex. I have to say that the nursing room at Isetan’s children’s section is pretty well-equipped and importantly, clean and doesn’t smell funky. Mum’s really good with Elliott, changing and feeding him when it was time. Once that was done, I popped him back into the carrier and he fell asleep again.

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So yes, baby carrying rocks :) I only wish it wasn’t so humid and hot in Singapore.

Yesterday, we took him to visit my colleagues at school and it was really lovely to see how everyone cooed and fussed over him. Thankfully, he was on his best behaviour until towards the end where he was getting tired and cranky. Out came the baby carrier and he fell asleep in it in no time. Woots.

We have also taken him to one of our favourite jaunts, Punggol Promenade. We used to take Moon and last weekend, we took him with us too in his stroller. It was a tad emotional for me because I remember strolling at the same park and always wondering if we’d ever get a chance to bring our child along. Our little family of 3 is now 4. Never mind that he was asleep throughout and the parents were covered in sweat by the end of the walk.

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Hopefully, as we settle more into a routine, I will be able to take him out more often to explore places that are too crowded on weekends. In the meantime, here’s a mandatory photo of my son looking like a cute seal in his “Love to Dream” swaddle. I wanna nom on his cheeks.


PS. Wrote a new entry about how the husband became a dad on Bubsicles!







In the dead of the night

It’s 4.30am. The aircon is whirring, the fan is swiveling. We are all enveloped in darkness, save for the bright intrusive light emitting from my phone.

The bubs is wrapped snugly in his swaddle and sleeping soundly between the boy and I. His exhausted father is snoring ever so softly and Moon is passed out cold in her bed at the foot of ours.

My little family, together in one breathing space.



And just like that, the littlest human turned one month old. And what a month it has been! I have since discovered superpowers that I never knew I had, like:

Superpower #1 – Surviving on very little sleep

Pre-Elliott days, I function very badly on little sleep. I turn into a snap dragon and pretty much cannot function. These days, I amaze myself at the ability to tend to the needs of a newborn while on very little sleep. I have to add to that I am very grateful to my mum who helps out with Elliott on some nights, allowing us at least 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a go. I now fully understand why my friends have told me that the phrase “sleeping-in” will cease to exist once we birth a child.


Superpower #2 – Ability to sleep instantly

On the related topic of sleep, I have also discovered the new superpower of being able to sleep at the snap of a finger. I used to be the sort of person that needed at least 20 minutes to an hour before I drift off to sleep (unlike the boy who falls asleep the moment his head touches the pillow). Not these days. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, any place.

This brings me to my next superpower:

Superpower #3 – Going from asleep to awake in 30 seconds

I was never a heavy sleeper but still, being able to go from asleep to fully awake almost immediately is a pretty mean feat. At least to me.

Superpower #4 – Doing stuff at breakneck speed

I used to wonder why new mothers would say that they have “no time” to do this, or that. I NOW KNOW. TOTALLY. Days and nights merge into one. My life is now dictated by when the little one awakes from his nap and needs to feed. NOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOW. Those pockets of time when he naps are when I finally find time to do basic stuff like brushing my teeth, taking a (quick) shower, gobbling down my meal, and if I’m lucky, brush my hair and look vaguely decent. Just yesterday, I managed to apply a face mask (woohoo!) and moisturise my extremely neglected face and it felt like such an achievement. Can I also add that taking a much-needed shower and washing my hair makes me oh-so-happy. Ahhhh….

Superpower #5 - Ability to detect crying baby in another room instantly.

Sometimes, my mum helps to care for Elliott so that I can take a much-needed nap. For that, I am immensely thankful because some shuteye does wonders for my emotional well-being. I could be asleep but the moment I hear him cry (usually really loudly), my eyes fly open and I’d lie very still in bed wondering if I should attend to him. Depending on my state of sleep deprivation, I sometimes go back to sleep (bad mother!) or head to my mum’s room – bleary-eyed – to see if he needs me.


There you have it. My newly-acquired superpowers since Elliott came into our lives. We are still on a learning curve but as the days go by, we are getting to know our little one a little bit better. We now know when he needs to feed, or simply need a cuddle. Of course, we still get it wrong sometimes and some evenings, we end up spending 3 hours trying to rock/sing/cuddle/soothe him to sleep but to no avail.


We also took him out on his first car ride shortly after he turned one month old. I was slightly nervous to be taking him out (what if he bawls and can’t be comforted?!) but thankfully, he was generally well-behaved save for the time when he woke up and demanded to be fed NOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOWNOW.

He is also more aware of his surroundings and his eyes would follow toys that we jiggle in front of his face in a bid to distract him from screaming the house down. This little human is also capable of projectile poop (I’ve been a victim TWICE) and pee (too many times to count) which amazes us till today. How can something so small produce such forceful output is slightly beyond my comprehension.

Because I see him everyday, it is a little hard to tell if he has grown but I guess looking at how his newborn onesies are filling up very quickly, we can safely say that we are doing something right in our parenthoood journey and that he is indeed growing. Phew.


Happy 1 month, my little munchkin. I think that you’re absolutely adorable but that’s just the supremely biased mother in me speaking. Keep growing well and as much as I love you to bits, let’s just save the projectile poop for your diapers, shall we?

An Open Letter to My Dog After the Birth of my First Child

miss ene:

This post almost made me tear because the writer has aptly put into words many of the feelings I have towards Moon. Sniff.

Originally posted on The Ugly Volvo:

Dear Tig,

Here’s a list of things for which I want to apologize:

theuglyvolvo dog open letter 7

1.  I’m sorry for every time I loop your leash around the doorknob and hurriedly say, “Two minutes!  I’m going to take you outside in two minutes!”  Because I am not going to do that.  You know, as you watch me struggling to get the baby into the carrier, realizing that he’s not wearing socks and also that he’s just wet himself, that it is going to be closer to fifteen minutes.  Possibly 20 minutes.  Once in a while, forty minutes goes by and you sit, patiently waiting, attached to the door.  And I walk back into the living room to see you sitting there and yell, “Oh my god Tig, I completely forgot about you!”  And you very politely turn yourself so you’re facing the door, which is the dog way of saying, “I know you…

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