One challenging week

Last week was quite a week indeed.

So on Monday, we moved. Yes, we finally moved out of my parents’ after 2 years. Two long years of not having our own home. Two years of living out of boxes. Our new home was finally ready! Whoop whoop. When we first bought the place, it was just us and Moon. Now, we are moving in as a family of 3+1 dog. To say that it was a chaotic week is putting it mildly.


So the movers came bright and early and moved all the boxes along with a couple of bulky items to our new home. The challenging bit is the unpacking. That’s unpacking stuff that haven’t seen the light of day for 2 years. In the past, unpacking was tiring but not that hard because you can take your time with both your hands to do so. With Elliott, things are’t as straight-forward as before. Check out the state of our living room after the movers left. RAH!


To add to the already chaotic situation, Elliott was struck with viral fever a couple of days before the big move. His temperature reached 39.8 degrees celcius at one point which worried us sick. We saw 2 doctors and both said that there’s no ‘miracle medicine’ except for Paracetemol to make him feel more comfortable. Basically, we just had to ride it out.

Being ill made Elliott extremely fussy and cranky but who could blame him? The poor little guy couldn’t articulate his discomfort except to cry and whine. I guess the new foreign home environment did not help. He became a koala, i.e. he only wanted me and me alone to carry/comfort him. This means that I cannot walk out of his sight for 10 seconds or he’d wail/scream the house down.


The boy left for work one day (to save his annual leave) and I was left alone with a messy disorganised house and a sick and cranky child. I could not do anything except to carry him around the house in the baby carrier (thank God for it). I barely had time and energy to eat, let alone pack the house. It was a miserable day for the both of us and I felt like a horrible mother for losing my patience at my poor child who was ill.

His fever cleared up in about 5 days but roseola rash followed. Despite the horrible red spots, he became more smiley and thankfully, the rashes weren’t itchy or bothering him as much as the fever did. The rash took about 3 days to clear.

I have no idea how he caught the virus but I guess it is inevitable that a child will fall sick at one point or another. I can only keep my fingers tightly crossed that the next bout of illness will not hit us too soon.

In the meantime, we are trying to sort out the boxes and to get used to living as a small family unit again. Wish us luck!17


Note to Elliott – 09

Dear Elliott,

I was looking through your photos the other day and came upon the ones of your birth. I remember clearly how I told Daddy to ‘please remember to pack the camera’ into the hospital bag and he asked ‘For what?’. Pfffft. I am glad that he did as he was told and that is why I can look at those precious photos from your birth and reminisce. You were such a tiny little dumpling back then.


Today, I look at you and marvel (again) at how much you have grown (again). You have learnt how to do the ‘high-five’, a new ‘skill’ taught by your Gong Gong. We go ‘high-five!’ and you lift your hand up for us to slap palms. So darn cute. You now crawl at breakneck speed across the floor and insist on pulling yourself up into a standing position using the glass coffee table (!) as support. You recently also decided that the staircase rails are perfect to practise walking. I have a short video clip of it and can’t wait it to show you when you’re older.

And because you’re so so curious about everything in your way, you decided to chew on a mosquito patch the other day. You were in your stroller and you were remarkably quiet. Call it a mother’s instincts but I somehow knew you were up to something. We glanced down and lo and behold, you were giving the mosquito patch a proper chew through. Talk about giving your mother a heart attack! I yanked removed it quickly from your mouth and thankfully, I read somewhere on one of those mother’s Facebook page that the best thing to do is NOT panic and just to observe for vomitting, etc. I am glad to say that you looked none the worst for wear but oh, my poor heart. Please don’t do that to Mummy again.


You are now happy to take milk from a bottle and can happily polish off 180ml before bedtime. Not all at once, of course. You get distracted by everything in your sight and sometimes it takes a lot of effort just to get you to finish your milk. I am thankful for your Daddy who takes over milk-bottle duty and tries patiently to get you to finish your bottle of milk while I take a quick breather. You are also definitely consuming more formula than breastmilk these days.

Which leads me to teething. Ah, the good old nightmare of all mothers. You now have 4 (cute) little teeth – 2 upper and 2 lower ones. We can also see the ones at the top pushing through which means that we are all bracing ourselves for general grouchy and fussy behaviour. According to this chart by Pigeon, you seem to be on track on the teething front.


Your journey into solids is still pretty conservative although you have expanded your repertoire to include organic brown rice pasta stars from Bellamy. I gotta thank Libby who blogs at The Little Bow Girl for the 5 Veg Pasta sauce recipe. It looked easy enough and when I tried it, you seemed to enjoy it! Woots! You have also tried pizza crust from our adult meal and also enjoy Pigeon’s Carrot and Tomato Rice crackers as its shape allows you to wrap your little fingers around it easily. These snacks do contain sugar and salt and we all know how salt and sugar is a big no-no to little ones like you before the age of 1 but oh well. Mummy here subscribes to the “everything in moderation” mantra so there you go.

I first wrote about your foray into music class last month. Despite having had people quipping that I’m such a ‘kiasu mother’ for sending you for music lessons at such a tender age, I am happy to say that these weekly lessons have bore some fruit. You can now hit the drum on your own and when storytime comes round, you sit on your own and listen intently. Never mind that your attention span at listening to the story lasts for a mere minute or so but hey, you’re only 9 months!

Despite all the wonderful toys that I’ve procured for you, I am dismayed to see that you love and sometimes prefer a simple cardboard box over them all. Pffffft. From now on, my dear son, I’m just going to be throwing you our toilet paper core. You’d have to be content with that until you find joy in actual toys. Come bedtime, you love your Twilight Ladybug from Cloud B. We love watching you gaze at the projected stars in awe. Some innocent wonder in your eyes!


A clear sign that you’re growing way too fast? I checked out a playschool for you the other day. Yes. You, my dear child, will be going to playschool very soon. Well, the minimum age is 18 months and you’re half way there. I felt a tad emotional at the entrance of the facility because I can imagine that when the day and time comes for you to start, we will both be a teary mess. Oh well. We still have some time to go so I guess we’d think about it seriously again in the new year which is next month but never mind.

I would also like to document in this entry that after this fiasco with your passport photo, you now have your very own passport. We will be heading across waters very soon and I do hope that we all survive the 3 days!

As with each month, your mother here will take a photo with the ‘month sticker’ on your onesie but amidst house-moving madness (story for another post), I might have misplaced that 9 month sticker. Boo.


Oh well never mind. Until I find that sticker and find an appropriate time, day and energy to snap that picture, HAPPY 9 MONTHS, my sweaty lil’ booboo. This entry may be a tad late but better late than never, yes? *big grin*

Love you very much,
Mummy xoxo









The story of (mini) tic tacs


It is the last week of school (whooop! whoop!) before the mid-semester break. I decide to bring a large box of mini tic tacs to my last lecture for the students as a little treat.

As they shuffled to the front of class to sign their attendance, I tell each of them to pick one little box for themselves.

Some looked delighted and flashed a huge smile. “Thanks, cher!“, they chimed, as they walked back to their seats, comparing the different flavours that they had in their hands.

Others looked skeptical. “Why you give us sweets ah?” I jokingly said that I’m springing a pop quiz on them midway through the lecture and they looked shocked. Some even said they don’t want the sweets anymore. Hur hur.

Some were shy but delighted. They picked a box closest to them and whispered a quiet ‘Thank you‘ before heading back to their seats. Yet others declined politely and said that they don’t take sweets.

There were, however, some who simply signed their attendance, took a box, and walked back to their seats without as much as an acknowledgement, much less a word of thanks. To some of these students, I exclaimed loudly: ‘You’re welcome!‘ A couple were taken aback and quickly uttered thank yous. Others pretended they didn’t hear or understand me. It was as if they were entitled to the sweets (they’re not).

They were simple mini tic tacs but told me so much about the students and of the youths today.

I am reminded once again that good manners never goes out of style and it is something that I will insist upon for Elliott. He need not be the smartest nor top the class. He does not need to be a child genius. But he must always, always be polite. And gentlemanly.


We did it!

A couple of months ago, I signed the boy and Moon up for the ASD’s inaugural “Singapore Specials Run 2014“. According to the official website, the event ‘aims to raise awareness about the plight of the stray and abandoned dogs, who daily traverse long distances under the scorching heat and pouring rain in search of food, shelter and ultimately a home.’

The 2km Buddy Race flag-off is at 5pm but we decided to head there early as I expected a bad parking situation. Thankfully, we managed to find a spot at carpark F2 which was closest to the race site. It has been raining loads so I kept my fingers very tightly crossed for good weather because I don’t think it’d be too fun being soaked to the bones. There was a tentage set up for various dog-related booths, as well as a small stage. It was lovely to see all dog lovers gathering in one spot!


There were dogs of all shapes and sizes. From the tiniest teacup poodles to gentle fluffy giants. We also spotted fellow Therapy Dog, Kirby, with his owners.


The boy and Moon were doing the run while Elliott and I were the supporters/camera woman. Here’s Moon and her favourite Human pre-race:


We also attempted a family wefie but erm, as you can clearly tell, only the adults were enthusiastic. WHY U NO SMILE FOR THE CAMERA, my babies?!


I also placed Elliott on the grass beside Moon because they always look too cute together. It was Elliott’s first time touching grass and as you can clearly tell, he wasn’t too impressed. Tee hee hee.


Soon, 5pm rolled around and it was time for flag-off! GO DADDY! GO MOON! It was much too crowded to head to the starting line so we remained at the stone benches to wait. Besides, 2km is easy peasy for them both so I was expecting them to complete the race in about 20 minutes or so.


I was so so thankful that Elliott was in a rather happy mood (the epic 3-hour nap earlier in the day must have helped. Woots!). He was busy checking out the surroundings and being a happy chappy.

Singapore Specials Run 2014

After about 15 minutes, we moved to the finishing line to hopefully catch the boy and Moon finish the race. I was glad that we did because the boy managed to break free from the (walking) crowd and push forward. Here they are finishing the race. That’s me you hear cheering like a mad woman, by the way:

The boy shared that after crossing the line, the Guest of Honour, Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee, came forward to shake his hand and offer his congratulations. Apparently, Moon was one of the first ‘small’ dogs to finish the Buddy Race. The boy also added that many dogs simply sat on the ground and refused to move halfway through the race and had to be carried by their owners. WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU, MOON!


We capped off the lovely evening with dinner at dog-friendly (yeay!) Sunset Bay Beach Bar before  heading home for a much-needed clean-up, for both humans and dog. Oh and the weather was just BEAUTIFUL. No scorching sun, lots of wind and no rain. Whoop!


What a lovely way to spend a Sunday :) And we look forward to taking part again next year, with Elliott alongside!


Jay Chou gets married. FINALLY.

So Jay Chou is off the market. Or rather, he finally came forth and made it official. I guess it is quite a big deal because Mr Chou has never ever spoken about his alleged relationships previously and suddenly, BANG! This is all over the news.



I’m not sure about you but he being 35 years old and his girlfriend (fiancee?) being 21 years old is a tad…odd. But hey, maybe it’s true love and age is not a barrier to true love. Never mind the glaring fact that he’s a multi-millionaire with fast cars and tons of money to burn (“Want to start a singing career? Come, I produce an album for you”) does not stand in the way of true love because true love is blind :)

Oh and he also shared these (rare) photos of them while out cycling.

I don’t know about you but when I’m out cycling, I’m definitely not dressed in a leopard-print jacket with such nicely styled hair, or super tight denim shorts. Then again, I don’t live in Taipei (where it can be cold) nor do I have millions of rabid fans out with camera-ready phones.



I have to also confess that when I saw the second picture, my first question was: Who’s that girl?! New girlfriend ah? It took  me a while to realise that it’s his 21-year-old partner. And I couldn’t help but notice that she has a nose that is exceptionally nicely shaped, eyes that are exceptionally wide and cheekbones that are exceptionally sharp and high. But again, that’s just me. Some people are lucky and are born pretty, yes? :)

I also read that most fans are happy for him but some are very upset that he’s off the market. Erm, seriously? What were these fans thinking? That one day, they’d meet and he’d fall crazily in love with them and they’d live happily ever after in one of his many expensive apartments? Or he’d remain celibate and single all his life to “stay true” to his loyal everlasting fans?

People. Seriously. Get with the program.

Anyhoo, congratulations Mr and Mrs Jay Chou. May you make beautiful babies together. Time is on her side so I guess you’d have many years ahead of creating enough babies for a football team. Or two.