Sun, sand, sea and no baby

I have honestly lost count on the number of times we have travelled to Phuket. The flight is less than 2 hours away, the beach view is awesome, you get cheap food and massages. What’s there not to like? The boy asked if I prefer Bali or Phuket and I said “Phuket” in a heartbeat because I prefer Thai food over Indonesia. I’m ruled by my stomach, yes.


We snapped this gleeful shot at one of the many booths set up by Singapore Airlines inside the departure hall at Terminal 2. As you can clearly see, we were rather excited to be going away without baby.

We were booked for 3 nights at Cape Sienna located at Kamala. It is an “adults preferred” concept resort which means the chances of having kids jumping onto your heads while you take a leisurely swim is minimised. Apparently, they do accept children during low season. I booked the ‘Sweet Escape’ package (how apt is the name) which included the following:

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.17.17 pm

Upon arrival, we were picked up by one of the hotel staff which of course, got my name wrong AGAIN. Never mind. At least the car (a Honda Accord) was decent and the driver wasn’t a maniac. It took 45 minutes to get from the airport to the resort.


We were greeted by sunny skies and fluffy clouds on the day we arrived. In fact, we were lucky – the weather held up during our stay (save for a  blink-and-you-miss-it drizzle). I’m not sure about you but there’s just something about staring into the wide open sea that puts one at ease almost immediately.


We were also asked for our preferred scent (we chose Cape Sienna Blend) so that it can be used in our room – each evening, the housekeeping staff would go round to each room to light up the aromatherapy oils so that when we returned from the day’s activities, the room would smell heavenly. A lovely touch!


Our room was on the 3rd floor – there are only 4 floors. It wasn’t a huge room or anything but it was comfortable. Importantly, the bed was firm but comfortable. They had a pillow menu where I requested for an orthopaedic support pillow but it turned out to be pretty rubbish. Probably explains why I couldn’t sleep the entire first night (!) but hey, I did pass out like a light on the second. Slept for more than 8 hours. SO DAMN GOOD. To be fair, maybe I shouldn’t blame the pillow. I was missing E and was a little worried that he might be crying his eyes out for me. Sniff.


We also quite enjoyed sitting at the balcony doing nothing much at all. It was such a luxury to just sit and stare, slumped on the chairs. Ooh, that rhymed.


Essentially, we pretty much sat around, ate, went for massages, ate some more, sat around some more, did a bit of shopping at Patong, and erm, ate again. See photo evidence below:


Ate my favourite roadside pancake with Nutella, dined at the beach while watching the sun set…


Lazed by the resort’s pool…


Eat some more…


Enjoyed a 90-minute massage at the resort’s spa and the boy enjoyed a much-needed facial


Ate at our favourite MK Gold Restaurant. All that food on the table? WE ATE THEM ALL. And yes, we bought ourselves a selfie stick. Ha.

We also discovered this spa place at Jungceylon called Pimnara Spa. This place is MASSIVE! There’s an escalator leading to it directly from the street level and once you enter, you can see many spa therapists sitting at the side just waiting to serve customers. There are also rows and rows of facial chairs lined side by side. It’s like the Walmart of facials. They also offer foot massages, pedicures, manicures and all sorts of facial treatments. Here’s the boy getting ready for a foot massage. Check out the place! Very tastefully decorated, I must say. All the therapists were also dressed neatly in uniforms with nametags. We went back 2 days in a row :)


Best of all (to us), the spa also offers free wifi (woot woot) so we took the chance to Facetime. Ha!


If you’re in Phuket, it is definitely worth a visit. Price-wise, they are between the resort spas and the by-the-roadside spas.


Although it was a very good break away from work (for the boy) and E (for me), I must say that I did miss him quite a bit and couldn’t wait to see him. In fact, I left the boy to collect our luggage when we arrived and rushed headed out of the arrival hall to hug my baby :) I’m looking forward to the day when we can take him along on our breaks! I know it’d be tiring but better than leaving him behind and missing him loads.


The day I hurt my baby

14 August, Thursday.

Today, I nicked Elliott’s right thumb while trying to cut his nails. I knew that it was bound to happen one day, sooner or later. All my friends who are mothers tell me that it WILL happen and that when it does, stop the bleeding and move on because (quote) babies’ skin heals very fast and they won’t remember it happened (unquote).

I was nursing him and trying to cut his nails when he suddenly cried very sharply and loudly. I looked down at his thumb and when I applied gentle pressure, red fresh blood oozed out slowly. Not like it was gushing or anything but still, it nearly brought my heart to a stop.

E cried loud and hard. My mum (who was beside me) started shouting that “I told you not to cut when he’s not still….!”, “Aiyooo, is it very bad?”, “Poor thing….!! Aiyoooooo! How? What to apply on it?” and a whole host of statements that made me feel 10x worst than how I was already feeling. I actually yelled at her to PLEASE STOP IT because I was already feeling absolutely terrible.

Tears (mine) welled up in my eyes as my child cried with big fat tears spilling out of his eyes. I held him close and said “Sorry…I’m so so so sorry” a million times.

I felt like the world’s worst mother. 

I remembered reading that breast milk solves (almost) everything so quickly applied some to the wound. I couldn’t believe that I just hurt my own child. What kind of mother does that?!

I texted the BFF because I knew that she’d know what to do. She tells me that baby skin heals very fast and that she’s also done it many times. She also quipped that E will forget it in 10 minutes and that I’d still be the best mum in the world to him. That just made me cry harder, damnit. 

And you know what? She was right. E stopped crying soon after and continued to nurse like the cut didn’t happen. 

My heart is still reeling from hurting my child accidentally and it might be a while before I dare to cut his nails again (urgh).



Car seat shopping

We were lucky that a dear friend lent us her Maxi Cosi CabrioFix when E came along. We were then driving a 2-door car and honestly, not many car seats can fit into the back comfortably. I guess the CabrioFix is one of the more popular choices for infants as I see many new parents using it. Here’s an early picture of E in it. He was soooooo tiny!


He still needed an infant insert then just so he could feel snug and comfortable. This was his typical quizzical expression then. Always staring at things with furrowed eyebrows.


It was useful because we could easily remove it from the car and use it for his naps. This was taken at Happenstance Cafe when we celebrated Moon’s birthday and he passed out cold.


Now that he’s 5 months old and getting heavier, the car seat is getting a tad small for him. Also, he tend to yell when he’s in it for a while despite the aircon set on high and at 22 degrees. We noticed that his back would get damp from perspiration and once he’s lifted out of the car seat, he’d stop screaming. I also noted that he kept trying to “sit” upright whenever he was in so I guessed that he preferred sitting instead of lying.

Also, we now have a 4-door car. No more bending in and out to get into the backseat (my poor back!). This means that the car can now fit a larger car seat that can last till he’s older.

It was time to shop for a new car seat.

Spoke to a couple of girlfriends and a couple of names were thrown up – Britax, Joie, Maxi Cosi. I had a few considerations:

  • Made of comfortable, breathable material for my sweaty baby.
  • Keep baby safe in a car crash – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Can be rear and forward facing.
  • Option to in a sitting or lying position.
  • High enough such that E can look out of the window.
  • Not ridiculous huge that it takes up too much space in the back seat.
  • Able to last till about 4 years old.

After researching online, we headed to Baby Kingdom. They carry Britax and Joie, as well as Combi. The young salesguy suggested Combi for its lightweight material but it felt really light and flimsy. I wasn’t quite confident that it would remain intact in the event of an accident. We then asked to try E in the Britax First Class Plus.


He looked quite happy in it and even decided to chew on one of the protective pads. Pffft. The material looks pretty comfortable as well and importantly, it fitted all the requirements. Also, it came strongly recommended by a girlfriend who did thorough research.

The original price is $468 but it was going for $333. Also, they were able to install it directly into the car for us, saving us the stress of trying to figure it out.

It was decided – We got the Britax First Class Plus.

The sales guy took about 10 minutes to fix up the car seat and compared to the Maxi Cosi, it looked HUGE and HIGH. Once they were done, I placed E into it and off we went.

In less than 30 seconds, this happened.


I was completely thrown. My baby fell asleep in his car seat?! Just like that? With NO FUSS? Oh wow. I kept staring at him and wondered HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? I am guessing that it was a fluke and that he was already feeling tired. But still! Falling asleep almost instantaneously was amazing.

He stayed asleep for about 20 minutes which was just the amount of time we needed to pick up Moon from the groomer’s before heading home. Despite Moon being excited and me slamming the car door, he slept right through.

When he finally awoke, this face greeted me.




A smiling baby!  He continued to smile sweetly at me, as if saying “I like this very much, Mummy!”. Was it the new car seat? Or was it simply a really wonderful cat nap? Or perhaps he was just really tired and could have fallen asleep anywhere anyway?

I guess we’d only know as we continue to use the car seat. Wish us luck!


Of colours and the toilet bowl

I remember when we were setting up our very first home and we had to select colours and materials. I remember finding it funny that white isn’t simply white. There were many types of ‘white’. Ha. We had to pick out the colours of our new home and this time round, it was to decide on the correct shade of brown.


Apparently, the really dark piece at the top is brown. So is the one at the bottom. I would have thought that the top ones were black, no? This colour choosing thing is rather mind-boggling but we trust the ID we have chosen to work with and they have (thankfully) done the narrowing down of colours for us. I cannot imagine having to select from 10 different shades of brown.

The boy was also selecting a piece of travertine for the living room. I had no idea what it was until recently. I must say that the ‘holes’ in this piece gave me goosebumps. And would ants decide to make one of these holes their home?


This little piece of wood is a miniature mock-up of the master bedroom. I found it cute that they actually created a mini version just to show us how it will look and feel. Very helpful to me because I am really bad at trying to visualise a drawing, even in 3D!


We had to also choose the solid surface for the kitchen. We jokingly pointed to the red and bright orange one. Hur hur.


Last but definitely not the least – and possibly quite important, we had to select the toilet bowl…from a catalogue. I told our ID that I cannot make such an important decision based on pictures. I need to go “sit” on the real thing! Besides, don’t they all look the same to you?! They sure did to me!


Looking forward to seeing our next home take shape :)