The countdown

I gave birth in March and after 4 months of maternity leave, took an additional 2 months of no-pay leave. It was something I really wanted to do because I wanted to spend more time with our child. The child that we tried so hard to have.

6 months away from work seems like a really long time but as I glanced at the calendar, it hit me that I only have another 15 days or so before I rejoin the workforce.

15 days. Half a month.

Once again, time has flown by. My tiny newborn is now a six month old. I feel a lump in throat because weekday mornings will no longer be the same. I love waking up with him beside me where he gives me his widest grin and I greet him with the loudest “GOOD MORNING SWEETIE!” that I can master in my sleepy stupor. I love lying in bed, staring at his beautiful face and planting wet kisses all over his nose, forehead and cheeks.

Come October, it’d be quick kisses before we hurry out of the house and he is dropped off at the in-laws for the day. Many have told me that it will be very difficult in the early days where tears will be aplenty, both from bub and mum. I foresee a heavy heart come October. At least for the first few weeks. I know many working mums have gone through the same and survived, and I will too. I guess I, or rather, we, just need a little time to get used to our new routine.

This returning to work stint is also making me a little stressed out because I am not sure if I will still have sufficient milk for him. I have been nursing him directly for a couple of months now because it is just much easier and more convenient as compared to pumping milk. I have a few packets of frozen milk stashed away in preparation but I can’t help but feel nervous that it won’t be enough.

I guess I can always count my blessings and look on the bright side. Things could be much worst, right? Elliott will be in good hands of the MIL and my mum. My work hours are pretty fixed which means that come 6pm, I’d be out of the office door. My work place is also a 5-minute drive to my in-laws place which means that I do not need to drive across the island in rush hour traffic to pick him up everyday. I am also thankful that I have a car to use so that we are both comfortable in our commute.

I guess we’d be ok. Till then, I shall appreciate and enjoy the now.


Elliott’s first Mid-Autumn Festival


We went to check out the Mid-Autum Festival at Gardens by the Bay last weekend. Even thought it was only 6.30pm, ALL the carparks at GBTB was full. Pffft. Thankfully, we managed to find a parking lot at the old Marina South carpark. If you’re old enough to remember the Korean BBQ buffet places at the old Marina South, you’d remember that huge carpark behind it. I was surprised that the car park still existed!

It was Elliott’s very first Mid-Autumn Festival and although he’s way too young for a lantern (battery-operated or otherwise), I thought that he’d appreciate looking at the brightly-coloured lanterns on display. As it was an outdoor event, we took Moon along with us too.


We walked past the Children’s Garden and decided to check it out. There were LOADS of screaming children running amok at the Water Play area and the little man was enthralled!


He didn’t take his eyes off the water jets and simply kept staring transfixed. I literally stood beside him (Moon and the boy had to wait outside as dogs are not allowed) and watched him. There’s a Toddler Play Zone for 1 to 5 year olds too. Can’t wait to take him back here when he’s older!

The entire place started to fill up really quickly and when darkness fell, it became almost impossible to actually admire the displays. At the popular areas, we literally just shuffled along, lost in the human throng. Poor Moon was also getting lost amongst the sea of human legs. Elliott fell asleep at one point but it was too noisy and chaotic and he was awake before long.


These were the only photos I managed. There’s something I don’t get – why do people bother to take photos of themselves with their mobile phones while standing in front of the lanterns? Their faces show up black and if you use a flash, the face is lit but the background is dark. Essentially, you end up with a bunch of really crap and bad photos. I don’t get it.

When we left at about 8ish, we noticed that the roads leading to the car parks were jam packed and traffic was at a standstill. I was quite glad to be leaving then because the 2 adults were covered in sweat and it was time for a much-needed dinner.

Next year, Elliott will just tot his own battery-operated lantern (complete with loud techno jarring tunes) and walk around our new neighbourhood. That should be less manic.


Slowly but surely.

We went to check on the renovation progress at our new home a couple of weeks back. Meant to blog about it then but obviously, with a 6 month old almost permanently attached to me, it was a bit hard to blog as and when I felt like it.

Anyway, it looks like the renovations are coming along well. Here’s the living room:



There’s massive work being done to the bathroom in the master bedroom. It’s almost unrecognisable at this stage. That’s the master bedroom on the left, and the bathroom being reworked on the right:


It also looks like the kitchen tiles are being laid. Yeay!


I remember choosing the kitchen tiles at a shop along Balestier Road. The range of tiles were ASTOUNDING! It was just rows and rows and rows of all sorts of floor tiles made up of all sorts of materials. Pretty mind-boggling, really.


The look the same after a while, don’t they? We chose the one on the left, by the way.


It’s pretty exciting to see a new home take shape!



Singapore Specials Run ’14


Spotted this poster on ASD’s Facebook page and got quite excited. It is rare to find a running event where both humans and dogs can participate in! I asked the boy if he’d be keen to do the 2km Buddy Race with Moon and he said “Sure!”.

Here are the details:

Date : 30th Nov ’14, Sunday
Time : 4.30pm Flag off
Venue : East Coast Park, Casuarina Grove

All participants will also receive a race pack consisting of a dri-fit t-shirt and a goodie bag. Do it before 30th September and you save $5 on registration fees. You can find more details on their official page here.

I’ve signed the boy and Moon up for it, and Elliott and I will be at the finishing line to cheer on Daddy and Moon. Go! Go! Go!


Mr Do-It-All

I wrote this status on Facebook earlier today:

It’s barely 2pm and the husband has:
(1) entertained the little man for 2 hours so that I can catch up on sleep;
(2) fed him;
(3) taken the little man and dog to the park;
(4) washed the car;
(5) bathed the dog.


It has amassed more than 90 likes and a flurry of comments from friends asking for a “husband boot camp” so that they can send their hubbies for “training” too.

It made me chuckle. I rarely update my status on Facebook (does anyone care what you are thinking all the time?!) but today, I did so because I was feeling blessed and thankful.

Thankful for a husband that is hands-on with raising our little man.
Thankful for him knowing when to swoop in whenever I am exhausted and just need some sleep to function properly.

That was not all.

I casually mentioned that we should take Elliott swimming and despite all the chores that he completed earlier in the day, he asked in the evening if we were still going swimming. I suspected that he would have preferred to lie in bed to rest up for the work week ahead but instead, he gathered the troops (me, son, dog) and carted us off for a swim.

Ok, so it was more like a quick dip in the pool for the son but still, that quick dip warranted 2 bags and his (foldable) bathtub. Long story there so just take it from me that it was one small dip for little man but a lot of packing by Mummy.

Post-swim, the adults had to be fed so he drove us all to pick up dinner before driving us home again. He then gobbled his dinner in record time so that he can care for Elliott while I have my dinner.

So yes. I am thankful (and pretty darn amazed!) that he did all that. Of course, he is not perfect. We are not perfect. We get annoyed with each other at times as with all couples do but in the bigger scheme of things, this man is a keeper because he places our happiness and comfort before himself and for that, I will always be thankful and grateful.